It's time for a change.

Sadly, web designs is a mass production industry. Clients are ticket numbers and their businesses are treated as such.

T+ is different. T+ is driven by crafting unique and inspired solutions. We're not proud until our clients are.

A simple process.


First, let's discuss colors, logo, layout, style and feel of the site.


T+ will create some rough sketches, and improve them based on your feedback and requests.


A final draft will be put to the test and get in shape for publication.


The site will become available for your customers to explore, and competition to marvel at.

Now it's up to you.

Let us know, when it's time to freshen and modernize your website. We'll be waiting!

Web development

T+ rests on more than 15 years of IT experience

What we build


A back-end is a tool used to manage anything from websites to services. It's the equivalent of wheel and gear shift in a car.


An API is an amazing way to build stronger relationships with your business partners. Collaborate, share and manage data across your platforms.


Free up hands doing mondane, repetitive tasks. These hands are better off doing productive things for your business.

Build strong relationships

APIs enables partners to interact with your system.

You can share data, perform calculations, even let them manipulate data according your specifications.

Automation is the new black

Automation is, as the name implies, the process of pointing out tasks in your procedures that are always the same - and let a computer deal with them.

This requires some technical skill, but luckily T+ has years upon years of experience in this area.

Why T+?

15+ years of experience

With more than 15 years of experience, T+ understands not just the business end of things, but also knows how to secure projects for the future.

Fierce drive

T+ works out of its passion and drive. All of its attention will be directed at your project and to making sure only top quality slips through to its clients.

Competitive pricing

T+ is not stationed in a fixed, expensive office space. Combined with other money saving techniques, T+ is capable of providing significantly lower hourly rates, compared to its Nordic competitors.

You're up.

Let's us know about your ideas and needs.