IT development

Back-end and API development for small and mid-size companies

T+ takes on cool projects with a great potential. And when we do, we throw everything we have into creating something amazing.

For you, as a client, that means your project becomes subject to our full repetoire of interest, curiosity and power of creation.

What we do

Tools for customer service, products, business or something else entirely? Back-end development is what you need.
Seemless, functional and secure integration with your business partners.
Software that takes over repetitive tasks, and frees up human hands, so they can do better things for the business.

T+ will push your project with a fierce passion. Make sure every little detail is cared for, every corner is tested and documented. But most importantly: We're not proud until you are.

The full package
T+ delivers from specification to tests, documentation and implementation.
Industry standards
T+ is always on the beat and abides to proven industry standards.
Power of creation
15+ years of experience will be directed at your project.

What's your idea?

Let us know your thoughts and ideas. And we'll let you know if it's doable.

We've worked with anything from customer service tools to developer advocate APIs.

Affordable price

Hourly flat rate:
0% interest rate


For IT consulting jobs over DKK 10.000 (excl. VAT) we offer our Flex+ payment solution. Split the total payment into smaller chunks, at 0% interest rate.