IT development

Back-end and API development for small and mid-size companies

Why T+?

Money is something you survive on. To live you have to look beyond, and invest your most valuable asset - time - in what drives you.

T+ is has the resources to "take it or leave it". We don't work on unappealing projects - it's that simple. For you, as a client, this means your project becomes subject to our full repetoire of interest, curiosity and power of creation.

We dream in code

T+ is the kind of partner that thinks about your project on the morning bus. The partner that thinks about performance improvements during the boring passages of "Vikings". The partner that invents new features and solutions when they can't sleep.

T+ will push your project with a fierce passion. Make sure every little detail is cared for, every corner is tested and documented. But most importantly: We're not proud until you are.

The full package
T+ delivers from specification to tests, documentation and implementation.
Industry standards
T+ is always on the beat and abides to proven industry standards.
T+ researches and develops most of its applied technology.

Tell us more

Now you know a little about us. We'd love to learn about you and your project.