T+ Observer

Automated and smart surveillance of your websites

Imagine, if you will, a satellite orbiting Earth. It tracks weather, wind, geological changes and pollution. What if a "satellite" was orbiting your website to track changing patterns and their causes? That's what T+ Observer is.

New technology

Observer is built on T+'s proprietary machine learning technology. An AI-style software gradually learning about your website and its users to suggest improvements.

But there's more

Aside from tracking content changes and user behavior, Observer also watches out for more practical issues such as server crashes, slow server performance and SEO problems.

Observer can in many cases even suggest measures to solve standing issues.

Better development

Observer is also capable of analyzing development structures and server configuration, to suggest improvements.

Join the test

T+ Observer is currently in testing phase.
You can join for free and earn 6 months free use once Observer launches.