T+ Observer

Our B2B solutions for resellers, sales teams and quality assurance teams

T+ Observer provides fully automated surveillance and routine checks of a website or webshop; It searches for a wide range of known mistakes in the fields of SEO (search engine optimization), performance, security and usability.

How it works

A devastating mistake is submitted to the website
T+ Observer's automatic scanner finds the mistake
Website manager is notified of the mistake by email


Our feature list is constantly expanding. Expect these features and many more like them:

Find duplicate content
Notify of missing information
Invalid use of attributes
Locate miscaptioned images
Detect exposed server ports
Detect exposed server information
Notify of expiring SSL certificate
Notify of changes to SSL
Find broken links
Locate missing images
Server errors
Sees more than 1,000 common misspellings
Look for outphased information*
Dropping server performance
Dropping Google PageSpeed score on any subpage

The question that remains to be asked:
Could any human ever do all this work, every single day, and never burn out?

*) For instance if your company changes phone number or address



Finds the type of problems humans only find by chance or when it's too late
Frees resources to focus on money-generated activities
Works 24/7/365 on even the deepest parts of your website
Notifies daily via email about new problems
Generates easily digestible reports with detailed guides and descriptions
Powerful tool for generating new consultancy work and new customers



As a reseller you bring end-customers to T+ Observer, and in return bring home a piece of the cake.

Sales generation

Looking for new clients? Maybe it's cynical, but pointing out major mistakes their current supplier made and proving you can do better, might just be opening you need.

Gain immediate access to in-depth information on critical problems with a website.

Presenting your findings to a potential client can serve as a powerful and proactive measure to land them.

Quality assurance

Use T+ Observer as part of your customer service procedure to improve the overall quality of your client's website.

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