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Only few things compare to the feeling of walking on unknown ground. The excitement, the suspense, the drive to see if you can make something work that never existed before.

We are driven by the pursuit of taking different turns. Not for the sake of doing something different, but because we believe it's better.

Development techniques
T+ believes development can be done better. Much better. From JavaScript debugging to API implementation. We work to make our ideas available to the world.
T+ is developing a programmable, transactional database system sporting versioning, replication, relations and context-awareness.
From scraping to machine learning, we have proven many times over that automation can be a game changer. T+ Observer is the first of many products relying on this.

Synergy is the key

We believe we can merge our different areas of expertise together, and offer a standardized, modular and immensely strong solution to our customers.

Passion for creation drives us to constantly improve, iterate, rethink, retrace, step back and leap forward.