Terms and conditions:
T+ Observer


T+ Observer is a service-as-a-platform subscription service provided by:

T+ Nordic ApS
VAT no.: 39230860
RĂ„dhuspladsen 16
1550 Copenhagen V


When you subscribe to T+ Observer, your credit card, billing information and company information is stored for future use. Your credit card is not stored with T+ Nordic ApS, but securely at Reepay A/S. Invoice information is stored in a third-party bookkeeping system.

Subscriptions are billed monthly, half-yearly or annually, unless otherwise stated. Subscriptions will be charged until actively cancelled by the user, or until terminated by T+ Nordic ApS.


You can cancel a subcription at any time. Subscriptions will remain active until what would have been their next renewal date.

Change of subscription

Some subscriptions can be upgraded, downgraded and/or changed. You cannot choose a shorter billing cycle, and downgrades are not always available. A downgrade to a plan, whose contraints are exceeded, will result in data being deleted or inactivated. For example, if you have 110 scraped pages, and downgrade to a plan which only supports 100 pages, 10 random pages will be deleted.

When you downgrade or upgrade, your current plan will be partially refunded according to the remaining period. Following this, the entire new plan will be billed instantly. Please allow up to 30 days for the transactions to be reflected in your bank account.

Refund policy

T+ Nordic ApS does not offer refunds unless otherwise stated.


T+ Nordic ApS provides a reasonable level of customer and technical support via email support@t.plus.


T+ Observer is reliant on being accepted by firewalls and other protective measures on the server, such as scrape shields. The Purchaser's failure to comply with this technical requirement cannot be remedied by T+ Nordic ApS.


T+ Nordic ApS occasionally releases updates to T+ Observer to enchance functionality and correct bugs. T+ Nordic ApS strieves to correct bugs per user requests, within reason and within reasonable timeframe. T+ Nordic ApS exclusively owns the rights and intellectual property of suggested features and bug fixes.

Limitation of service

T+ Nordic ApS reserves the right to limit or terminate your service in case:

  • Your website imposes an unreasonable drain on our servers
  • Your website contains explicit, illegal or offensive content
  • Your staff or you don't behave in a civil manner towards T+ Nordic ApS
  • Make unreasonable demands that are clearly outside the scope of the agreement
  • Your company participates in activities or sharing of content that is deemed unethical, racist or spreading propaganda. This is decided entirely at the discretion of T+ Nordic ApS.

T+ Nordic ApS is not required to grant a refund when a service is terminated at its own discretion.

Limitation of liability

Except in case of intentional misconduct or gross negligence, T+ NordicApS accepts no liability for any damages caused in connection with the services under this agreement. This includes, but is not limited, to damages in the form of data loss, failure to operate, lost revenue or missed profits.

Your server must be capable of handling repeated requests from T+ Observer. T+ Nordic ApS cannot be held accountable if the requests prove too demanding.


T+ Nordic ApS does not share private information to commercial third-parties, nor does it sell personal data. Information may be stored with third-party credit card and bookkeeping platforms.

Quota service

You can request to receive unsolicited offers from T+ and partners of T+. T+ Nordic ApS cannot be held liable or accountable in any way or form for the service, pricing, invoicing or behavior of its partners. Anything that happens after T+ Nordic has forwarded your request to its partners is outside T+ Nordic's scope of accountability.

T+ does not guarantee that you will receive any offers or a specific number of offers.

Delete website

You can delete a website at any time. When you delete a website, the associated subscription(s) are automatically cancelled. The remainder of your subscription is not refunded.

Delete account and data

You can request to have your account data deleted by contacting T+ Nordic ApS at info@t.plus.

Change of terms

T+ Nordic ApS may change its terms and conditions for whatever reason it sees fit. In case of change, you will notified and given a 10-day option to terminate the contract and have the remaining amount of the subcription period refunded.

Law and venue

Any disputes in connection with this agreement are governed by Danish law and must be brought before the courts of Copenhagen, Denmark.