T+ Observer

Optimize your website's SEO, security, performance and usability.

What is T+ Observer?

You can think of T+ Observer as a new employee. Except it works 24/7/365 and can tirelessly, meticulously and methodically do tasks that no human could possibly do without burning out and losing focus.

T+ Observer scans for spelling errors, poor SEO choices, duplicate content, unoptimized images, internal and external links with error codes, Google PageSpeed scores and so much more!


SEO tests Eliminate easy-to-prevent SEO mistakes on existing and future content.
Security tests Put your SSL and server to the test, and find common security blunders before the hackers do.
Performance tests For a blazing fast user experience. Frequent Google PageSpeed Insight tests on all pages.
Usability tests Make sure external links and flows of your website aren't broken.
Spellcheck Check existing and future writing for hundreds of common misspellings.
Operates 24/7/365 T+ Observer never rests. It will keep your website in check at all times.
Fully automated No download needed. No activation. It just works out-of-the-box.
Detailed guides Learn how to correct problems with our easily digestible guides.
Notifications When a new problem is find we'll drop you an email right away.

How it works

You make a change to your website.
T+ Observer's automatic scanner finds a mistake.
You're notified of the mistake by email.

Let go of worries.

Put time back into your core business, and let T+ Observer look after your website.

T+ Observer is your content writer's new best freind.

Language, improved.

T+ Observer's automated spellcheck is capable of spotting more than 1,000 common misspellings.

Continuously, it scans through all your subpages and matches it against our growing database of common mistakes.

T+ Observer will let you know when and where it finds a mistake.

SEO, improved.

Did you catch that you forgot to change the copy/pasted SEO description on that page that one time, drowning inbetween hundreds of subpages? No? T+ Observer will.

This is just one of the many things T+ Observer does to catch factors influencing your SEO negatively.

We are constantly improving on our SEO suite to make it capable of spotting common and rare mistakes alike.

Performance, improved.

Did you know that your Google PageSpeed has a direct impact on your ranking in search results?

Does anybody in your organization regularly check the most burried subpages for unoptimized images, poorly performing server, dropping Google PageSpeed score or broken links?

You guess where this is going: T+ Observer will.

Experience, improved.

The bigger a website becomes the harder it's going to be to test and verify that everything still works as it's supposed to.

Among other things, T+ Observer will spot images and links which no longer exist, and internal subpages that cause server errors.

Not only are these things impacting your visitor's, it will also impact your ranking on Google.

Starting test...
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Test completed!

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Test your website

To test your website, simply enter your domain name below and hit the "Start test" button.
The test will take a few minutes, so you can keep reading meanwhile.


What is crawling and scraping? T+ Observer visits your website and looks at the code behind it. This is called "scraping". The process of exploring your website by following links is called "crawling".
My website is not in English. Is that a problem? No. The algorithms that drive T+ Observer are made in such a way that the used language, or languages, is irrelevant to detecting issues.
How fast will T+ Observer find problems? Pre-existing problems are found within an hour, during the first scan. However, this process usually takes only 5 to 10 minutes. Problems arising after the first scan are found within 24 hours, but usually faster.
Do I need to download a program or app? No. T+ Observer is a cloud service. You won't have to download, install or configure anything. T+ Observer will work out-of-the-box.
Will T+ Observer also do Google PageSpeed tests on my subpages? Yes. T+ Observer tests your Google PageSpeed Insights score on every subpage, for mobile and desktop, on a weekly basis. This helps you catch poorly performing subpages.


URLs Max. pages
Media files Images, scripts and documents
External links Max. pages from other websites
External resources Images, etc. from other websites
SEO Recommendations and guides
Security Tests and guides
Performance Steps to a faster website
Operates When is T+ Observer checking
DKK 195
Every month
DKK 199.83 per month
DKK 1,199
Every 6 months
DKK 162.42 per month
DKK 1,949
Every year
DKK 308.17 per month
DKK 1,849
Every 6 months
DKK 279.08 per month
DKK 3,349
Every year
DKK 558.17 per month
DKK 3,349
Every 6 months
DKK 499.92 per month
DKK 5,999
Every year
DKK 1,186.50 per month
DKK 7,119
Every 6 months
DKK 1,124.92 per month
DKK 13,499
Every year

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