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Web design

A great web design
breaks boundaries,
to become memorable.


First things first

The first step is conceptualization. You've got some requirements and ideas, and combined with our expertise, we'll put together a great concept.

Do you need a lot of text or very little? What are you selling? Do you need video, interactive features or price calculators?

Factors like these, point us in direction of the right approach.



The next step is to convert the pool of ideas to something we can see and discuss.

Your website becomes a canvas where we express your vision with impecable colors and animations.



When a basic visual idea is in place, we'll start ping-pong'en about the text and content.

We'll help you write content that's appealing, interesting and consumable for search engines (SEO).



In one of the last phases we'll run your website through our magic machine to add life, animation, gloss and glamour.


Responsive, obviously.

A website that doesn't function well on smartphones and tablets, is prone to lose over half of the site's visitors.

Therefore, it's always a given - and included in the price - that your website is responsive.


Pop the bubbles! The new website is ready.

But, we're not done showing off


Blazing fast sites aren't just a breeze for your visitors. Your SEO is also directly influenced by your site's performance.


An SSL certification improves security and SEO for your website.

Hosting setup

We'll help you choose, buy and set up web hosting.

Domain & DNS

Don't know how to order a domain, or what a DNS is? Don't worry. Leave that to us.

Email accounts

Not only will we help you buy and configure your email accounts. We will also assist in setting up your email clients on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

T+ Observer

Avoid costly mistakes with T+ Observer. When you buy a website through T+, you get an entire year of T+ Observer for free!


That's it.

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